Rotarex Compact Line
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Rotarex Compact Line



Totally automatic and autonomous fire detect and extinguishing

No external power supply

Flexible Installation

Total emptying

Compact integrated high pressure cylinder

Optional : manual or electric actuation

Easy to refill

Various propulsion gases ( N2, compressed air, ... )

Liquid extinguishing agents

Permanent pressure control

Unpressurized liquid agent storage tank

Constant outlet flow and pressure

Minimal Maintenance


Outer diameter approx.190mm
Length approx.550mm
Weight full (extinguishing agent and propellant gas):20kg
Weight empty 12kg
Material aluminium
Operating temperature -40°C to +80°C
Volume 7 litres of extinguishing agent (9 litres optionally)
High-pressure vessel 200 bar (at 20°C)
Extinguishing pressure 30 bar
System mounting using 4 bolts (M10 or M12)
Sensor tube mounting using special-purpose clips
Extinguishing outlet mounting using special-purpose clips


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